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The Essence of Astuteness: Non-Partisan Intellectual Honesty

Why Fundamental Astuteness?—An introduction

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 I started Fundamental Astuteness because I saw a lack of astuteness in Society, Church in general, and State. Consistency was missing and logic lacking. Critical thinking was deficient, and people didn’t seem to know that.  Below is a quick summery of some insights that have compelled me to believe that astuteness is lacking in American today.  


Society is the sector whose lack of astuteness is most critical. This is because it is the largest, and, right now, the most influential of,  the three sectors being discussed. 64% of all Americans believe in relative morals—morals that change with the situation or society. Yet, about half of all society said that they believe in the Bible. The figures don’t match up. Somewhere in there, you have a mix of people who believe that morals are non standard and change, yet at the same time believe in a Bible that claims to have absolute, unchanging moral authority. The law of non-contradiction states that two things cannot both be the same and not the same at the same time and in the same respect (or sense).  Thus, holding to a belief that morals are relative while believing that morals are absolute is a contradiction. If one still holds to both of these views, then somewhere the “sense” of the idea of morals has changed (or equivocated). So there is a lack of astuteness here. Other anecdotes do little to give hope to the situation:  Jay Leno asked two students where the Kentucky Derby was held each year. Neither was able to tell him1.  A TV reporter asked: “What is the official religion of Israel?” the answer: “Islam???” 2 

The Christian Church:

Church in general is a term to denote all those churches that consider themselves “Christian” whether they are truly “biblical” or not.  The author does not make this observation about a lack of astuteness in the church as a broad sweeping indictment upon all churches, but rather is focused here toward the sway of the general populace.Having said that, it should be observed that the Christian Church was supposed to lead society in the ways of goodness and truth. Instead, the Church in general has forsaken its calling, and allowed itself to be termed as “hateful” and has justifiably received well earned ridicule. This is because the Church in general lacks astuteness. At the same time, there are a few churches that are very astute and continue to seek a proper and biblical message and practice. But for the most part, I’m sorry to say that it is a massive pool of ignorance, illogicality, and hypocrisy. Strong Words. But they come from a Christian.

  • A Christian who believes that Christianity is logical and reasonable.
  • A Christian who doesn’t have all the answers, but believes they can be found.
  • A Christian who is disturbed by polls showing that “Christians” consistently lack basic knowledge of the biblical fundamentals they consistently claim are taught in their church.
  • A Christian who is puzzled by the typical response to an honest questioner being “just have faith”.
  • A Christian who is enraged by a Church that claims to preach a moral high ground, yet experiences divorce and abortion rates that do little to give itself great distinction in society at large.

If the Church is going to change society, it must be willing to change itself: For nothing damages a cause so much, as to have ignorant proponents who don’t live by what they promote.  


Politics lacks astuteness. It has the most vivid demonstrations of astutelessness of any group, but that isn’t a surprise. For if the individuals of society lack astuteness, and if the Church in general has abandoned its roots for the sake of the modern gospel, it should not surprise us that the government experiences the same malady. For government is, at root, a collection of individuals from Church and Society.  This is why Christians using politics to change America is helpful, but not the key to true reform that activists, myself included, want. In the long run, politics cannot change society. Rather, it is society that changes politics. This is because society is simply a representation of individual values (or lack thereof) expressed through democratic means. If the people don’t want to be led the way government is going, they simply elect “progressives” and “moderates” to change the course currently being traveled. When the Church gets all worried about how courts and legislatures are attacking the institution of marriage, they bank everything on a constitutional marriage amendment to save the course of the nation, only to realize that the politicians who voted for it will be defeated in the next election by the people the church fails to evangelize with the biblical gospel that has the power to truly change the heart of the individual.  So politics lacks astuteness, but only because society does. So for the Christian activists to change American laws and politics they must first focus on changing American Churches so that they can effectively influence society.  Then, and only then, society can astutely affect politics and then politics astutely reflects Christian morals.  

Me Lacks Astuteness:

By no means do I wish to convey the impression that by pointing out all the problems in the world, I somehow have the all answers. I do not. It is in dispute that I often find myself saying: “You’re point is well take; I’ll have to go find an answer, and get back to you.”  I’ll try to do the same on Fundamental Astuteness.   

Notes and references: 1 Jay Leno (appeared briefly on this clip by 20/20 on education in America; about at 5:05) 2 Street Interview on the official religion of Israel: 


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February 4, 2008 at 12:53 pm

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