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And the Joke is on John: McCain misses Stimulus vote

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John McCain has mentioned the Economic Stimulus package on the campaign trail. He said we needed to pass it.

“First thing we have to do is pass the stimulus package through the Senate.”

You wouldn’t have known that from looking at his attendance record on the night of the first vote in the senate on the package. Reports have it that McCain’s plane had landed in DC on time, but McCain decided not to go to the vote at the last minute, citing schedule conflicts. He probably thought the package would pass without his help. Skip it this time…it won’t matter.

It failed by one vote.

Epilogue: The Senate eventually passed another version of the bill. I’ve heard the president is ready to sign it.


Written by Astuteness

February 13, 2008 at 7:53 am

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  1. […] (Hot Air Network, LLC) wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptJohn McCain has mentioned the Economic Stimulus package on the campaign trail. He said we needed to pass it. “First thing we have to do is pass the stimulus package through the Senate.” You wouldn’t have known that from looking at his … […]

  2. Not long after we stopped the Shamnesty bill McCain said he understood, that he “gets-it”.

    I watched him speak about confirming a judicial appointee on the floor of the senate via CSPAN on the morning of one of the Dream Act votes that were pushed past the debate process circumventing our legislative process…yet, he did not bother himself to stay and vote against the Dream Act only a few hours later.

    Therefore, the only thing Juan McCain “gets” is that we, the people stopped him from further destroying our sovereignty.

    John “Juan” McCain

    Learn why we are in this pathetic situation;

    How the Republican Party Committed National Suicide By JB Williams

    Who Hijacked the Primaries? by Brett Winterble


    February 13, 2008 at 9:33 am

  3. I have a question for Conservatives who claim that there is something honorable about not voting for McCain. Who spend more of their time beating down a fellow Republican, while ignoring the extreme liberal forces that are about to kick their butts completely out of every branch of government.

    What is honorable about sitting on your butt at home, refusing to vote – allowing all branches of government to be swarmed by RABIDLY liberal opponents who have vowed to undo everything conservatives have fought to achieve over the past decade?

    I hear endless whining and griping from Conservatives – while the extreme liberals, who are bent on reversing every conservative principal – out number us at the polls nearly two to one. Is that principal or is that do conservatives just have a death wish to see our country turn to the extreme left (who has no problem getting their hind ends to the polls)..

    What is so conservative about beating down the (soon to be) nominee who supports our troops, instead of the extreme liberals who insult our troops and degrade them every single day in front of the entire world?

    By punishing John McCain for not being conservative enough – you are really punishing all conservatives by making absolutely sure they will be governed by radical, rabid liberalism for the next 4 to 8 years.

    By stomping your feet and refusing to help, you in turn assure that the laws of the land will have few conservatives in a position of power to stop a runaway liberal train that will further infiltrate our school, explode your tax burden and socialize every part of your life it can.

    If you must be dragged to the polls, then don’t bother complaining when our courts are swarmed by the liberals who will put judges in power.

    Please think twice before punishing the rest of us conservatives, who may not love McCain, but are smart enough to realize the living nightmare that will ensue, if things continue on the path they are going.

    I see nothing conservative about being so focused on the anthill, you completely ignore the volcano that’s about to wipe your entire cause out. That is not principal. That’s political suicide. Will conservatives ever learn?.

    Danny Vice

    Danny Vice

    February 16, 2008 at 9:28 pm

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