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Some folks have asked how to blog well. What goes into blogging a good blogging that generates readership? While I am certainly no expert at this, and past record due to time constraints has limited my potential, here are a few things that might be helpful: 

  1. Choose a simple format. Don’t use complicated ones that are hard on the eyes. For simple starters, use a template that has a flag image across the top, links on the right hand side, and then a column of text for the blog.
  2. Keep your text looking professional. Don’t vary the text randomly. Avoid it. Use bold and ALL CAPS if you want to emphasize a point. Do not use lots of different colors in your text. Stick with black. It matches everything and looks professional. Don’t use colors that don’t match or are hard to see
  3. Comment on other blogs. When you comment on other blogs, that provides a link for other commentators to follow back to you. This generates traffic. So, preferably, comment on other blogs/websites that already have a lot of traffic, and hopefully you’ll pick up some fringe benefits in the process. 
  4. Come back to this blog in a few days. Hopefully by then, I’ll have found the news paper article I have in my desk somewhere on good blogging techniques. It will have much more substantive points. 

Written by Astuteness

August 25, 2008 at 12:44 pm

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