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No posts in awhile

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Its been too long since I’ve posted. I didn’t know a senior year in high school could be so busy. A couple of quick thoughts:

  1. I hope to get back to writing regularly. I would like the theme of my next few posts to be about some theological issues, specifically addressing the problem of omnipotence (can God create a rock so heavy he cannot lift it?) and I’d also like to write about Abortion. Its a huge issue that should have been on the forefront of the presidential election. But, like most controversial issues, it gets put on the back burner by mutual consent, for no candidate wants to be appear to be too intractable and unreasonable by taking a monolithic stance on a moral issues; thus the business of politics sustains and deepens its tendency to disconnect the voters and disgust them with politics, especially on the Republican side.
  2. John McCain will lose big. I may be about to sacrifice my entire future political fortune by making a prediction, but I”ll go ahead and say that the Republicans are in for a bigger swatting than they anticipate. Everyone knows that they’ll get beat, but I predict they will get crushed beyond the most depressing expectations. So for the prediction: McCain will get 200 or few electoral votes. There it is. I might delete that in hopes of saving my future political credibility, but I doubt it. If my political potential dies by the inaccuracy of my prediction, so be it, and may I calmly kiss my political aspirations goodbye.
  3. I’m going to launch a campaign. I’m officially campaigning for politics. No official party yet. That will come later. For now, I’m going to espouse a few major policy issues, like abortion, taxes, and regulation. The rest of the time, I”ll be speaking out on hypocrisy in the Washington System in both parties, the senseless frills and privileges that accompany those who are unfortunate enough to be called “politicians” and so on.
  4. I think if Ron Paul were the candidate on the Republican ticket, the party wouldn’t be losing so badly.
  5. I think if Ron Paul were a little more polished as a speaker and communicator, then he would’ve have been on the ticket.
  6. I’ll develop more thoughts later.

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November 4, 2008 at 4:30 pm

On Obama and Taxes

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My good friend Will Simpson over at Will’s Perspective wrote a fantastic article on Obama’s tax plans (note the plural) this morning. The excerpt below will lead you to his post:

A preface on tax cuts:  Congress writes them, not the president.  Anyone want to take a  wager on how likely Democrats in Congress are to cut taxes for anyone?  Major Garrett of FoxNews is beginning to refer to potential problems for John McCain from an unlikely issue: taxes.  Apparently, the American people are beginning to believe the propoganda from the Obama campaign about taxes, while is criticizing McCain claims and the new, post-partisan, positive Obama campaign perpetually calls McCain the “sleaziest, most dishonest campaign in American history.”  Yes, those are the words repeatedly used.

Here’s the facts:

1) Obama’s on his third tax plan….(continue reading here)

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September 17, 2008 at 12:42 pm

Why did you not read this article? You’ll never have the chance to read it again. An interesting experiment…

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NOTE: Read through this all the way quickly. 

I suspect only familiar wordpress users will understand fully how this is going to work, but let’s give it a shot.

The WordPress Blog server has, as we know, millions of blogs, posting thousands of article each day and hour under hundreds of tags. Tags provide a way for people to find articles they think will interest them. When an article is tagged under, say, “politics” a link to that article will appear on a list under that tag name on So, suppose I write an article and tag it under “politics”. Immediately, a link to my new post will appear on the list of wordpress blog articles that have been tagged under politics. Users interested in politics will be perusing that list, see my article pop up when they refresh the page, and hopefully, click on the article. 

The neat thing is that an article can be tagged several times on different themes, and thus, appear on several wordpress tag lists at once, thus increasing the liklihood of it getting clicked. 

SO HERE IS THE EXPERIMENT: If I write this article, what kind of hits will I get if I increase the number of tags? Suppose I tag this article under a whole array of things, and for the purpose of experiementation, a whole array of unrelated tags? I am going to tag this article under the most famous wordpress taglines, as follows: 

  • Life
  • Music
  • News
  • Politics
  • Barack Obama
  • Culture
  • Christianity
  • Family
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • Sports
  • Random
  • Entertainment
  • Religion
We’ll try just that for now, and see what happens. Hypothesis is, if I tag this post under so many popular tags, then the traffic will increase substantially. 
So, with that in mind, if you care to, express in the comments section how you found this article. 

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August 26, 2008 at 11:05 am